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Dancing is a feel-good way to improve your life with the unique combination of physical exercise, social interaction and mental stimulation -all set to music; it's bound to make you smile.

The benefits of learning to dance are derived from exercising the body, mind and soul, where becoming a confident dancer starts as much from the inside as down at your feet.

The bottom line is a healthier, happier and more sociable you!

Everyone learns for their own unique set of benefits or reasons and at Dance Generation Dance Studios our aim is for you to achieve yours. Start making your list.

Getting Healthier

It is a fact, corny but true, dancing has such a long list of beneficial factors that people often wonder why they have put off starting for so long and once started you will understand why people become devotees.

The benefits range from physical health and fitness, better brain function and retention to increased personal confidence, social skills and a great way to meet people and make new friends.

For those artistically inclined it combines expression of feelings and movement to a wide range of beats and rhythms that can reach into the soul and is enjoyed for the sheer joy of it.

The healthier facts are (based on scientific research):

  • Dancing can burn between 5 and 10 calories per minute depending on the dance and whether you want to be energetic or take it slower
  • Regular dancing develops posture and poise and in turn makes you look(& feel) more confident
  • Dancing enhances concentration and develops the memory
  • Dancing helps reduce tension and stress and is recommended by doctors for stress management, non dancers would believe that it has the opposite effect
  • Dancing has a positive effect on your heart through cardiovascular conditioning
  • Dancing helps prevent osteoporosis through strengthening bones and improves mobility
  • Dancing tones muscles and increases strength and stamina
  • Doctors recommend dancing for rehabilitation from heart or knee surgery and for Diabetes
  • Dancing will help weight loss and control
  • Dancing increases the lung capacity

The Social facts are:

Whether you decide to embark on this journey purely for yourself or to please a particular person some of the great things to look forward to are:

  • Dancing is a great way to mix with other people and improve your social life or make someone VERY happy
  • A great way to network
  • Dancing releases endorphins, a natural feel good chemical, which literally makes you feel great
  • Dancing increases self confidence, self esteem, ego (careful here), sharing, it builds a positive outlook and social abilities and helps overcome shyness.
  • Dancing is a self development skill and can be quite advantageous for the career
  • Dancing can help you sweep that certain person off their feet
  • Dancing can help you develop the ability to be polite and humble, learning a new skill has challenges and develops our ability to overcome them
  • Dancing helps build respect for others, and yourself
  • A date night for couples, time together to share together, a new challenge together

Have we converted you yet?

Fitness and Workouts

If burning calories is high on your list, you will be surprised at the number of calories that can be burnt dancing and the level of fitness that you can reach.

Are you looking to tone and strengthen muscles, yes dancing will do that for you as well.

Are you looking for variation in your workout, dancing does that too.

Here's more of the list dancing will help you achieve:

  • improved stamina and fitness,
  • improved poise, posture and frame developing a stronger healthy loser back
  • builds lean muscles and exercises joints, improving strength and muscle tone
  • improved balance and control, helping develop your core muscles
  • improved co-ordination and is cognitive therapy
  • recommended rehabilitation exercise
  • using every muscle, including the brain, builds multi-tasking skills
  • to feel happier from the endorphins
  • to release toxins

Studies have shown that dancing can burn anywhere from 210 calories to 550 calories an hour depending on whether you are dancing a casual foxtrot, a strong tango, a sexy salsa or an energetic swing, as many calories as a brisk walk or an aerobic workout.

Not everyone wants to go to the gym, or not every day and find dancing a great alternative.

Dancing exercises a large number of muscle groups not just one group and because it constantly varies muscles continue to be worked over time.

Dancing has a mixture of tempos that means it is suitable for a wide range of ages and levels of health.

Also a great way to exercise for

  • pregnant women*
  • people with Diabetes*
  • people with mild heart conditions*
  • recovery from injury*

* BUT only with your health professionals opinion

New Challenges and Hobbies

Dancing is meant to be fun, the more you laugh the more you learn, we try to make the whole experience enjoyable so you reap all the benefits.


For those that need a professional reason to step onto the dance floor.

  • Dancing increases self- confidence, self -esteem, ego (careful here), sharing skills, it builds a positive outlook and social abilities and helps overcome shyness.
  • Dancing exercises the brain and improves problem solving issues and memory
  • Dancing can help you develop the ability to be humble (and helps hone our politeness skills), learning a new skill has challenges and develops our ability to overcome them
  • Dancing helps build respect for others, and yourself

And it is not bad for your social life either.

If your profession includes formal functions, then the ability to dance is a must, or should be


  • Dancing is a great team building exercise
  • A great way to break the ice with the team and social group activity
  • At a formal function and wanting a way to introduce yourself, ask them up for a dance and make a great impression

New Hobby

A hobby is a way to escape, relax, enjoy something new and challenging, to get out and about, to be with people, to be happier and healthier, to be good at something and feel good about it and dancing certainly fits all these categories.

Dancing mixes people of all ages and backgrounds, there are no boundaries, so start dropping your defences and join in the fun.

For those looking to learn on their own:

Learning to dance at Dance Generation Dance Studios is designed to put you at ease, to be fun, every single lesson, and to leave a smile on your face, every single visit.

  • Dancing can be a good way to break the ice with someone new.
  • Dancing is a great way to get out and meet new people.
  • Dancing is a great way to rebuild your social confidence.
  • Dancing is a great way to push yourself outside your comfort zone
  • Dancing is something you can do just for yourself.

Learning to dance should have you making the most of your social life.

At Dance Generation we teach lead and follow skills developing good social dancing, this way when the opportunities arise you can dance with anyone, anytime to any music. Our group lessons have you swapping partners so you get used to dancing with different styles of partnership and the socials provide you with a venue to use you're dancing while meeting people. On your private lessons your instructor is your partner so you're always in good hands.

For couples looking for a hobby to share:

It's not boring, it's not just for old folks, it's not dorky.... it's fun, it's romantic, it's quality time together just the two of you, no interruptions, no stress, no complaints. Studies have shown that couples that do things together have great communication and build long happy relationships, dancing will help create the romance and a spark!

Learning to dance is part of the process and learning to dance at Dance Generation Dance Studios is designed to put you at ease, to be fun, every single lesson, and to leave a smile of your face, every single visit.

Learning to "free-style" dance is learning to communicate without words, the man leading and the woman following. The role of the female isn't passive mind you but team work means you move in harmony on the dance floor, while you're reaching your goal of "harmony" your instructor will guide and referee your progress together.

Dancing is a great way to spend some quality time together doing something physical. Once you have the hang of it you will find yourself looking for venues and events that have dance floors, Saturday night will be a lot different from the usual dinner and a movie.

Our students learn at Dance Generation for a myriad of reasons, but all would say it has changed their life for the better in some way. Our city clients often break up a stressful day of meetings with a waltz; shy dancers that have always wanted to dance but didn't know how, start performing and competing; grooms escorting their brides confidently around the floor; or imagine the strut off the dance floor after burning it up with a hot salsa knowing you looked as good as it felt and all eyes were on you. It's not just steps it's a new way to move and a new way to live.

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