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Company Profile


History is usually an interesting tale but it essentially equates to experience and credibility.

Our history has shaped us into who we are. Dance Generation Dance Studios rebranded in 2011, originally commencing business in 1992 in our Adelaide location and shortly after expanding into Canberra.

Our experience and ability to adjust to changing times has allowed us to achieve many things for many people and we are very proud of the fact that we have students today that started with us right back at the beginning.

Our emphasis is on our team and we have become a leader in customer service through ensuring we are the best instructors we can be EVERY lesson and giving you the opportunity to let us know EVERY lesson whether you are happy with the service, if not it is free of charge.

Your dancing and helping you to become the dancer you want to be, as quickly as possible, is our focus. This is achieved by integrating the best techniques, the best styling, a variety of steps to suit a huge range of music and occasions all mixed with the vital ingredient of as much fun as you can have.

Dancing is and will stay relevant as long as it can adapt to the changing trends in music, something that it continues to do. Its longevity comes from the fact that it is not just exercise but a combination of exercise, socialising and creativity.

We can guarantee that we will be reliable, we will be here tomorrow and we operate in the present.

What Dance Generation is About

At Dance Generation we believe the more lasting skill is to teach you how to dance rather than a dance. Teaching you the principles of how to move well to music and communicate this to your partner (through lead and follow) will allow you to enjoy any social situation.

There are several different styles of teaching partner dancing. Our style is based on social dancing and is designed to suit everyone, from the beginner just looking for a few basic steps and to feel a little more confident, to the dancer looking to be the star of the dance floor. The emphasis is on matching the benefits and goals that you have with the services that we provide to ensure you get the most from every visit.

With the variety of dances we teach, from Ballroom to Latin as well as the South American dances you will have a great understanding of what dance best fits the music, partner and occasion.

Today a wedding dance is usually a far cry from a traditional waltz but making it your dance is a challenge we love to take on. Come in with your ideas, enjoy the journey and the results.

Dance Generation is here to help you find your individual style to suit your alter dance ego and develop your technique to help you carry it off comfortably and naturally.

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