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ballroom and latin

Our Ballroom & Latin program will give you the confidence to go anywhere and dance with any partner to almost any type of music. With these dances you'll be ready to strut your stuff with the best of them at your next social function, whether it's a wedding, a work function or simply a night out on the town with someone special. Dance Generation's Ballroom & Latin syllabus is designed to give you a variety of dances that will enable you to enjoy yourself no matter what the occasion and include the following.


This is one of the easiest of all the dances to learn because of its relaxed and natural walking action. It's also one of the most versatile, so whether it's a big band playing a Fred and Ginger number, Country and Western music or even a lazy afternoon with a Jazz band you will be able to enjoy the Foxtrot.


A traditional favourite with Bridal Couples the Waltz continues to be a must for all good dancers. Its grace and poise captures the romance and elegance of good dancing. Fortunately for us dancers good Waltz music continues to be written even today.


Referred to as "The Dancers Dance" the Tango continues to be a favourite amongst our members. Its dramatic style and distinctive movements make it fun to learn and very appealing. The Tango is also excellent for developing good leading and following and is very sophisticated.


The sensual body rhythms and seductive movements of the Rumba give this dance a lot of appeal. Easy to learn and fun to dance the Rumba can be done to almost any type of music and on even the smallest of dance floors.

Cha Cha

This is one of the faster dances taught in our Ballroom & Latin syllabus. Like the Rumba the Cha Cha is very sexy but in a cheeky way making this dance a lot of fun. It's also a great way to improve your fitness.


Dance Generation teaches two types of Swing in its Ballroom & Latin syllabus. Beginners learn the "Single Swing" which is danced to the faster Rock n Roll music. It's easy to learn and very popular. Once you've been dancing for a while you will also learn the "Triple Swing" which is danced to a slightly slower tempo and is very popular for dancing to the music of today.

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