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south american

If the sound of Latino music gets your toes tapping then this program will get your feet moving, fast! Learning these authentic South American dances is also a great way to improve your fitness. Dance Generation's South American syllabus is designed to give you a variety of dances that will enable you to enjoy all the popular South American rhythms and includes the following.


Very fast and very sexy the Salsa will really get your feet moving and loosen up those hips. This dance is very popular and lots of fun and gives you a great work out ... so let's Salsa!


The lively beat of the Samba makes you want to dance. You'll learn to dance to both the authentic South American rhythms as well as the music of today. This dance is very popular and can be danced to almost any type of music with a fast rhythmic beat.


Everyone loves the Mambo and once again it is very popular because it can be danced to both traditional and contemporary music. Even the faster music that is so popular in the club scene of today makes for a great Mambo and yes you guessed it, the Mambo also gives you a great work out.


This dance is great for beginners as it is danced on the beat and is very easy to learn. Partners weave in and out and around one another, the strong hip action makes this a very sexy dance. If the music has a good solid beat, you can always Merengue to it.


Like almost all of the South American dances the Lambada offers a great work out and is a lot of fun. Although it's not one of the easiest dances to master, it is definitely one of the sexiest.

Argentine Tango

This dance has captured the imagination of the dancing public and has enjoyed a huge revival in recent times. Its intricate figures and fiery attitude are not for the faint hearted. All good dancers reserve a special place for the Tango and it is the only dance found in both dance styles. The Ballroom Tango could best be described as the more sophisticated of the two whereas the Argentine Tango reflects a type of raw passion and moodiness that is characteristic of this dance.

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