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Blink and you are in December. We have been a little distracted enjoying every minute of helping create first dances for a long list of couples. Hope all went to plan on the dance floor and it was a very special day for you all. Michael and Miranda Oct 25th, hope your guests from Melbourne enjoyed their trip to Adelaide. Rachel & Ben on Oct 31st ....did you sway?

We are only a little way into October and already the Wedding Dance graduations are coming thick and fast. Congrats to Annie and Craig on the 1st. October 10th was the special day Aimee & Ben, Gemma & Marco, Judy & Nick, Celina & Thien, Lisa & Peter we had lots of fun getting you ready for your first dance. As we write this Jamie and Travis will be dancing, we hope the day went well and wish Lauren and Rick all the best for tomorrow.

Ready to hit the wedding dance floor....make them smile and go ahhhh Thomas and Erinn, will be thinking of you on the 5th. We know you did us proud Sam and Sarah on the 29th, hope you enjoyed it and the bridal party remembered their steps. The 12th will be here before you know it Matt and Kerry, keep practicing, we think you will look great

The left feet have been sorted and they are all ready for their wedding dance... Congratulations to Abby & Josh married on Aug 4th. Also to Cherie and Tim married on Hamilton Island on Aug 7th. Good luck this weekend to Vy and Damien and Nat and Darren, remember smile, relax and enjoy. Safe travels to Claire and Stewart jetting to Ireland for the big day on 5th Sept.

Proud to announce that..Rachel, Michelle and Stephanie are all marrying men that can dance. A must in a life partner! Seriously Rachel & Troy (Sat 14th), Michelle & James (Nov 29th) and Stephanie & Rueben (Nov 29th) hope you have a wonderful day and the dance goes well.

BIG weekend for weddings this weekend.... Good Luck and Congratulations to Renee & Wayne, Mel & Lachlan, Ricky & Kasia, Sonia & Haydn, Karen & Mark, Jess & Pat wishing you all a brilliant day and hope you relax and enjoy the moment during your wedding dance. Don't forget we would love to see the photos, like us on facebook or send us an email.

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