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Tips for your wedding

Tips on getting dance ready for your wedding day

Getting dance ready for your wedding is the easiest and hardest thing you will do in the lead up to your special day. The easy part is learning to dance. The hard parts are convincing your partner to participate, picking the music and having an achievable look in your minds' eye. For most brides the only experience of learning to dance is from Hollywood through films like Dirty Dancing or the recent success of shows like "Dancing With the Stars". Let me start by saying for people who live outside of television learning to dance takes longer than one week and you are not learning with a professional dancer or Patrick Swayze. Depending on how good you want to feel or look directly relates to the time invested in learning and practising. Here are some tips for those who wish to be dance ready for the big day;

  • For every hour of tuition try to allow two - three hours of practise.
  • Get started as early as possible
  • Pick a piece of music that means something to both of you
  • Don't take yourself too seriously as you will remember more if you are enjoying yourself
  • Use the time allocated to your dancing as an escape from the stress of organising the wedding
  • Know the layout of your venue including the size of the floor
  • Take on board the advice of your instructor as they have probably been involved with teaching wedding couples for some time and know the pitfalls to look out for when performing.
  • And allow your instructor to correct your partner as correction from you may result in your partner feeling as though they are not good enough for you. Remember your partner is trying the best they can.

Be aware that more often than not you are a beginner dancer learning to dance with a beginner dancer. When you get it right they may get it wrong, when they get it right you may get it wrong. Hold onto those magic little moments when you both get it right and forget the rest. Have a great time and you will find you special day will be all the more special.

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