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Wedding Song Dilemma Number 1


But we don’t have a song?

For some couples the most daunting task when planning a wedding isn't table settings and speeches but choosing a song for their first dance. Many couples come to the studio with a song they "think" they agree on but when we start to discuss their first dance and ask them why they chose that particular song, the most common answer is "we googled wedding songs".

Traditionally the first dance formally invites guests onto the dance floor and sets the mood. Music is the soundtrack to your day and setting the right tone can be a statement as big as the dress. Using a piece of music that you both like is a good foundation but when you don't "have a song" where do you start?

Try these ideas as a starting point;

    • What bands do you like? If you don't have a song you might have a favourite band, perhaps a gig you went to see together that had special meaning.
    • Do you have a favourite movie or play? Sometimes a soundtrack to a movie has an emotional connection for you as a couple.
    • Where were you when you became engaged or where are you going on your honey-moon, is there a theme? What song was playing when you had your very first dance together?
    • Think about whether you would like your dance to be slow and romantic, upbeat and fun, or maybe a mash up of songs (and dances) is more you.
    • How big is your dance floor, the size could restrict the style of dance and your song options.

Try not to think "wedding" but "us" with lyrics that can be from both the male and female perspectives. When listening for lyrics be careful about the meanings and be sensitive to who your guests are, remember there may be children present and your Mums, Dads, Nannas and Pops are watching too!

Now you have decided on your song, or at least a short list, the next step is matching it to a dance style and learning some moves, watch this space for more tips.

Your Wedding Dance Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

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Posted 16/10/2014 / Tags: article, dance generation, wedding dance song, first dance songs

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