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Why a couple should learn to dance

How many times have you been to a family wedding and it reaches that point in the evening when Uncle Dave and Aunty Megan decide to dance. Aunty Meg has been pestering Uncle Dave for the last three hours and Uncle Dave has consumed enough libation to actually believe he is capable of such feats. You look around at the nervous look on the bride and grooms face as they can already see the eventual "entertainment" about to be displayed. Within moments Uncle Dave takes on the look of a sex crazed orangutan with a nervous twitch and Aunty Meg is reliving a scene from Dirty Dancing. The next thing you know one of them is lying prostrate on the dance floor, Aunty Pat is calling the ambulance in a panic and the mother of the bride is berating said prostrate relative, index finger flailing in disbelief that they thought they would have magically become better dancers since the last wedding.

For some of us, this is an all too common memory when it comes to weddings, family reunions, get togethers or even nights out down the club. Maybe it may be time to take the advice from loved ones and have a few lessons.

By doing so you may find that the next wedding or family get together may end in different results. You may also find that you get other benefits not previously considered. You may find that you develop a special interest that you can both share, something that is just for the two of you that does not require one of you enduring four hours of a vintage car show or four hours of a movie devoted to a family quilt or old pair of jeans.

My personal story, gave me more than I expected. I met my wife when I was an awkward fifteen year old, my now wife a very popular and attractive seventeen year old a year ahead of me in school. I would find reasons to be in her presence, she enjoyed the performing arts and I found myself in drama class and volunteering for school fashion parades and the like, but still no real impact, apart from loitering in her vicinity. After school I lost all contact with the girl I could only dream about. I applied for work and low and behold there she was behind the reception desk, I thought all my Christmases had come at once. Was it fate, was it written in the stars... not to her. I somehow convinced the organisation to take a punt on me and it all started again. She became the manager soon after and I was constantly in her line of fire. I knew that she danced so I decided to take it up myself in a vain hope that I may impress. I would take every opportunity to ply my new found wares and we became quite the performers. Learning to dance became my tactic and I quickly became an interesting option on nights out. One thing led to another and we are now married with three kids. Something I didn't foresee was that no matter how much my dreams were coming true she was still the boss and I the hired help, except on the dance floor. Being the male I was in charge on the dance floor, I lead and she follows. I would recommend couples to learn to dance together in a heartbeat, not just for the benefit of having something to share for the rest of their lives, but also it allows you to develop an environment of partnership and cohesion. Any man who would pass up the opportunity to call the shots once in a while and have her feel like she is the only woman in your world is a mad man.

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