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Tailored To Suit You

We offer real flexibility with your learning


  • To achieve what you want
  • In the types of lessons you attend
  • With the pace at which you learn
  • In making your bookings

Flexibility to achieve what you want

As learning at Dance Generation is so flexible it's important to us that we understand your expectations.

From your first lesson we will aim to determine your goals and understand the benefits you are looking for, this will help us to tailor your learning and recommend the best program. You can change your goals whenever you want, simply talk to your instructor.

Flexibility in the types of lessons you attend

Dance Generation offers tuition through private, semi private and group lessons with social activities such as social nights, outings, competitions and Balls also an important component to learning. Remember dancing is a skill and the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.

Learning through regular "Private Lessons" will mean you are able to learn at your own pace making learning easier and in most cases a lot faster. Private tuition develops better technique and styling by tailoring to your individual strengths and weaknesses. Set your own goals.

If you elect to learn mainly through "Group Lessons", you will still progress through the various levels at your own pace, however you will not progress as quickly or receive detailed training in your individual styling and technique. Learn with a variety of partners and Instructors, or use groups as practice time and build muscle memory.

Semi private lessons are a cross between private and group, stock a group with your friends, family or work mates and work on your particular dance or toward your particular event. You choose the time, the dance and set the schedule.

Social Nights should be a part of every program as they are designed to put it all together. Learning steps is one thing but using them socially is another. Our studio socials give you the opportunity to mingle, develop floor craft (dodging), to blend steps to different tempos, and to become a confident and interesting dance partner.

Once you have found your feet so to speak, it's time to join in the studio events, out on the town hunting down all the dance spots, joining in the glamour of the Balls, step outside your comfort zone in a competition or create your own party, but whatever it is make the most of your dancing.

Dancing is meant to be fun and the more you laugh the more you learn, we try to make the whole experience enjoyable so you reap all the benefits.

Flexibility with the pace at which you learn

With our unique system, learning with Dance Generation allows you to develop at your own pace, so there is no pressure to keep up with others and no frustration about being held back. Achieve what you want to with your dancing as quickly as you want or as slowly as you want.

Flexibility in making your bookings

  • Are you a shiftworker who needs flexibility with your bookings?
  • Do you have a busy schedule and prefer regular times?
  • Do you want to learn quickly for a special event?

Whatever your circumstances, we can accommodate your times, just remember, private lessons are more flexible than groups although there are usually a number of group options available. Also remember that the closer you keep your lessons, the quicker your learning will progress.

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